Switch to Mac

and loose your Adobe Photoshop Album tags?

No way!


Importing your keywords into iPhoto is now easier than it was before. I’ve learnt some Objective-C, bought the Cocoa book by Aaron Hillegass, and put together a real Apple app. Haha, I’m so proud ;-). The code doesn’t look like much and the interface needs some work (i.e. no help page), but it’s there and it is a lot easier than the old way of importing keywords into iPhoto.

The app still needs some preliminary work before you can use it, I can’t help much there I’m afraid. So, follow the steps below and in no time you’ll be adding your keywords to iPhoto!

But first, here’s what you need to be able to do and what you should DO FIRST.

  1. -You need to be able to export data as XML from a Microsoft Access database. (I think you’ll need MSAccess 2003 or higher. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

  2. -You must have your pictures already imported in iPhoto.

Step 1. Export the data from your PSA database.

The PSA database is actually a Microsoft Access database, you can export tables from it easily.

  1. -   Step 1a. Open the PSA database with Microsoft Access, ah, there’s the first prerequisite. Usually the file My Catalog.psa (that’s the PSA database) can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album\. Right click on it and choose Open with from the menu and choose Microsoft Access (or some other application that you use to export the data).

  2. -Step 1b. (For Microsoft Access) Export table “ImageTable”. Right click on the table called “ImageTable” and choose Export. In the export window choose a location for the export file and choose “XML document” as the format for saving. Click “OK” in the ‘export XML file’ window.

  3. -Step 1c. Do the same thing for the table “FolderTable”.

You should now have two files called ImageTable.xml and FolderTable.xml. Put them in a separate folder PSA2iPhoto on the Mac.

Step 2. Start PSA2iPhoto.

Have you imported all your photos into iPhoto? If not, do it now.

  1. - Step 2a. In iPhoto, switch to the Photo’s display (if that doesn’t work, try the Events display later.)

  2. - Step 2b. When PSA2Iphoto is started, you’ll need to select ImageTable.xml and FolderTable.xml from the folder where you put them in Step 1.

  3. - Step 2c. Then click the “Display Keywords button. Wait a little while, PSA2iPhoto is collecting all the keywords from FolderTable.xml. The keywords are shown in a separate window. Now you need to add these keywords to iPhoto by hand. Click the “Done” button when you’re done.

  4. - Step 2d. Now the “Import keywords” button becomes available, click it to start importing your keywords.

Sit back and watch iPhoto add keywords to your photos, it will take a while.

I hope it works for you too, if not, let me know at psa2iphoto at cv2h dot com and I’ll try to help out if you run into problems. If you’ve succeeded I’d like to hear that too!


Some users have reported problems, here’s a list of the problems and possible solutions:

  1. 1. 0x00 character in ImageTable.xml or FolderTable.xml

Sometimes Excel exports an invalid XML file. The file is invalid because it includes 0x00 characters. You can check the validity of the XML file by loading it into an XML editor, the excellent <oXygen/> XML editor for instance. The 0x00 characters are usually found in the same XML element throught the file, an element that is usually not needed by PSA2iPhoto. Solution: use the command line to remove the lines with the faulty XML element. E.g.

grep -v fDwHiOriginalMediaFileSize ImageTable.xml > ImageTable-ok.xml

In this example the element <fDwHiOriginalMediaFileSize/> contains the 0x00 character and is filtered from the ImageTable.xml file.

  1. 2. Adobe Unit Types: no matching architecture in universal wrapper

Recently with the switch to Snow Leopard and the 64-bit architecture another bug has emerged. It is not a bug in PSA2iPhoto, but rather in osascript and the adobe library for osascript. See: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/486208

Possible solution: try starting PSA2iPhoto in i386 architecture mode like this:

arch -i386 /Applications/PSA2iPhoto.app/Contents/MacOS/PSA2iPhoto

  1. 3. Unable to select the XML files

One user reported to inability to properly select the ImageTable.xml and FolderTable.xml files. When looking at the system.log file using the Console application you’ll see something like:

24/05/10 10:24:45 PMPSA2iPhoto[224]imageTable=<NSTextField: 0x19ace0>

24/05/10 10:24:45 PMPSA2iPhoto[224]folderTable=/Users/hhv/Documents/PSA2iPhoto/ImageTable.xml

As you can see, something went wrong with the selection of the ImageTable.xml file. I’ve no idea why this happened, but the solution that worked was:

  1. a. Manually type the filename paths

  2. b. Click on the "browse for file" buttons next to each file name and close the windows

  3. c. Run the program as normal

Getting the right (absolute) path for a file is done like this:

  1. a. Find the file in Finder

  2. b. Start dragging it and while dragging...

  3. c. Press Cmd-Space to open Spotlight

  4. d. Drag the file to the Spotlight searchbox and drop it

  5. e. Spotlight will fill the searchbox with the absolute path to the file.

Use Cmd-C to copy the path to the clipboard. Switch to PSA2iPhoto, click the field for the right file (it must have the cursor in it). Press Cmd-V to copy the path from the clipboard to the field.

  1. 6. In general

In general it is a good idea to start up the Console application and see if PSA2iPhoto has left any (error) messages in the system.log file. If you see anything in the log but do not know how to deal with it send me the PSA2iPhoto messages from the logfile and I’ll try to fix it.



Huib Verweij.